A Brief History

Merrionette Park's first Police Department consisted of the Village President, Daniel Januska, and the Village Board. In June 1947, A. H. Schreiber was appointed Police Chief. Chief Schreiber recruited village resident's to join the Police Department. Village residents used their own cars to patrol the streets with a cardboard sign in the windshield marked "POLICE" as identification.
As Merrionette Park began to grow, so did the need for new rules and regulations (Ordinanances) when it came to the health, welfare, and safety of the residents. These changes also brought the need for new staffing, equipment, and training. Joe Rademacher became the first full-time Police Chief and served over seven years in the 1970's.
Our current Chief, Robert F Stevens, was raised in Merrionette Park. After serving in the Armed Services, he returned to serve our department as Patrolman, Sergeant, Detective, and Police Chief. Chief Stevens currently has 43 years of service. His brother Rolly "Butch" Stevens also has served the department for 41 years. Their father,  Rolly "Red" Stevens is also an original homeowner and still lives here.
Currently, the Merrionette Park Police Department has one Lieutenant, 7 Sergeants, 22 Police officers, 11 Radio Telecommunicators, and one booking officer, in addition to an Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police.
The Village has 24-hour Police protection, maintained by six squad cars and one SUV. 
Utilizing modern, state-of-the-art electronics, computers, and sophisticated equipment and training, the Merrionette Park Police Department continues to make our community one of the safest in the Cook County area.


Top row (Lt-Rt):  R.Carlson, B.Coffey, Unknown, J. Galeher, K. Stepek, C. Kohler

Bottom row (Lt-Rt):  J. Prendergast, R. Fix, J. Brennan, Dorodiak, C. Brockway  



        Police Chiefs:

              Daniel Januska
                (April 22, 1947)
           A. H. Schreiber
           Charles Wierman
           Florian P. Rolowicz
           Bob Fix
           Wilbur "Bud" Coffey
           Clyde "Skip" Brockway
           Joe Rademacher
           Tom Peterson
              Sam Kinney  
           Robert F Stevens      
            (April 1, 1969- to present)